Quick mid-fall update

As one can imagine, my first semester in my senior year of college at Otterbein has been less than boring. I’m working two jobs, an internship and operating two photography businesses.

I’m still at American Eagle Outfitters, but just a few days a week because of my other work schedules. In the spring, I was the sports photographer for the Tan & Cardinal Newspaper. However, due to the rebranding of the organization, I am now the Creative Director of T&C Magazine and As the Creative Director, my main priorities have been working with staff photographers to get events/articles covered for web and print (the new magazine) and designing the magazine template for T&C Magazine. I am very excited as I got to start from the ground, up: I designed the new logo, I decided on the color scheme and the staff recently decided to switch to glossy paper vs. matte stock. Below is the new logo for T&C Magazine!


I am also interning at the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce. My main priority as their graphic design intern is to redesign their membership application and information package. (It hadn’t been redesigned in years!)

Business at S.Parker Photography is BOOMING! It’s so exciting – photo sessions at least once per weekend, now that October is almost upon us, it will often be twice per week. Also, Cody Huston and I launched our wedding photography business (CS Wedding Photography) and have photographed our second wedding! We are also very close to having our website launched (finally). Stay tuned for that!

On a side note, I am currently working on designing my own website (with my own domain name) and that is going fairly well. I’ve never designed a website before, but after watching Cody design ours for the wedding website, I got inspired and decided that I was tired of directing potential employers to a WordPress site. (No offense, WordPress!) Stay tuned for that one, also, coming in the New Year!

I think that’s everything … but I guess that’s what happens when one doesn’t blog for a few months.

Thanks for reading!

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