Getting Caught Up with the Life of Stephanie Parker

Just to give everyone time to catch up on what I’ve been up to lately, I figured it was time to write a blog post! It has been a few months … Sorry about that, being a junior in college and working two jobs can get rather busy.

Two jobs, you may wonder? Yes – in December I was hired to be the sports photographer of the Tan & Cardinal Newspaper and it’s partnering website,, for the Spring and Fall semesters.

This is the cover of the latest issue, which I designed using Illustrator.

This is the cover of the latest issue, which I designed using Illustrator.

I started this role at the beginning of the term, three weeks ago. Since then I have photographed five basketball games, the new men’s basketball coach, a tennis practice, a lacrosse practice and a baseball practice.

In January, I took on the role as Creative Director of 1847 Magazine. 1847, a magazine ran and produced by the student media, ran last year for the first time. For three weeks, I sweat, cried, worried, and ached over the production – I wanted it to be perfect. It was my baby. And I feel that all of the “pain” I went through worked and was totally worth it. Compared to last year’s design, this edition is much more art based vs. content based. Going into the term with no stories in the bank and numerous writers with little journalistic experience, I knew that the overall look of the magazine needed to be able to carry the entire publication. Myself and the two designers on my team, Katie Feltz and Christina Cutler, placed photos and stories, created advertisements, experimented with typography and made graphics. Overall, the magazine had a fantastic year!

I am currently enrolled in the intermediate design course at Otterbein, as well as the intermediate photography course. In both courses, I feel that I am improving by leaps and bounds. I recently uploaded some more samples from the previous semester. Currently, I am studying campaigns in the design course and learning more Photoshop techniques in the photography course. But I am definitely missing film photography, which I learned in the fall semester. If it were more easily available to develop my own film, I would love to make film a new hobby. Someday, maybe.

As I am going into my senior year in just a few short weeks, I am beginning to look for a summer internship. I had such a fantastic time during my stint with the Godman Guild Association last summer and I learned so much about the nonprofit world, however, I think it would be a smart move to look for an internship not in the nonprofit field. I want to experience every aspect of the workforce as possible, so upon graduation next year, I will have an idea of the type of work environment I am looking for.

Through the last few months, I have experienced a shift of interest. While I will be keeping my journalism major, I have decided that I want an art based job – designing or photographing, but ideally both. With the extra bonus of having writing skills, I hope that I will be more marketable as a designer than if I decided to ditch the journalism major. Only time will tell …

Among the many, many things I have on my list to do, one of those things is to redesign this website. I want to maintain the branding I have already established as being a Triple-Threat, I only want the site to reflect my design capabilities. This will, hopefully, happen within the next few months.

S.Parker PhotographyAlso, if you have not already checked out and followed my other WordPress account, there you will find photography I have accumulated through a small business. This business has almost hit its year marker and is constantly surprising me. This April I will be photographing my first wedding – something I wasn’t sure if I would ever do.

If you have any questions about what I’ve been up to, please ask AND if you know of anyone looking for a summer intern that has fantastic design and photography skills, send them my way!

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