Creating a New Web Presence

If my blogs become infrequent, it’s because I am focusing on getting my photography side-business WordPress up and running. Establishing a website is pretty time-consuming! I created this blog, Triple-Threat ( sometime in March and I’m just now starting to get a fairly decent following.

However, I really feel it is important that my business is kept separate from this blog/website as the purposes of each blog differ from the other. If I am sending potential photography clients to my Triple-Threat website, they might get confused, lost, and end up turning away. But by having a separate blog just for my clients, I hope it will influence more traffic and more commissions.

Blog viewers of Triple-Threat will be able to access my photography blog, S.Parker Photography, easily. Links to the website will be everywhere! If you are a supporter of my work on Triple-Threat, please also become a supporter of my work on S.Parker Photography.

Hope to see you all soon with a blog post as my Comm. Design Fundamentals class projects will pop up soon!

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